What Inspired Agreeable?

Like any great idea, the concept for Agreeable was born out of frustration.  In 2014, Co-Founders Ian Hoffman and Angie Hoffman became a one-income family, so that Angie could focus on their one-year-old.  They already enjoyed garage saling on the weekends, but they soon discovered that this could easily become a money-making activity; it was not hard to pick up a piece of furniture for $20, clean it up, list it on Craigslist, and sell it for $100.  The biggest win was a used textbook purchased for $3, which sold for $130 within 13 hours.

It didn't take long to discover a real headache in their new revenue stream: no-shows.  The pair vividly remembers one particular meeting: a would-be buyer requested a specific time when her friend could bring his truck and assist her.  Shortly before the appointment, when the buyer didn't respond to confirmation attempts, Angie was concerned that she just couldn't hear her phone while traveling in a noisy truck, so Ian left a special occasion early to meet her.  He was already in the parking lot when the woman finally responded rather unapologetically that she was on the other side of the city with no intention of coming to the meeting at all.  Eight-months pregnant, tightly budgeted, and on the verge of tears from the consistent inconsideration that permeates our culture, Angie determined that they must create a solution to this problem.

Fortunately, she had a great partner right in her home.  Not only was he supportive of launching into such an entrepreneurial venture, but Ian's background in IT project planning meant he was equipped to lead the way in identifying vendors, negotiating contracts, and overseeing the technical build.

The first app planning session with their developer took place in October, 2015, and the build began the following spring after some funds-gathering.  Now Agreeable is just weeks away from release!