How to Get Others to Be Agreeable

Dude, I want to set up all of my meetings through Agreeable!  But how do I get others on board?


When you post something for sale on your favorite Facebook swap group, Craigslist, LetGo, or wherever you prefer, you can include something like this:

"I love to use Agreeable, so we don't have to worry about reschedules or no-shows!  I'll take $10 off if we set up our meeting through the app ( costs nothing if you're there on time).  My username is [_____]."

Be sure to include either your name or username in the ad, so that they can find you in-app!

A Facebook Marketplace ad example.

A Facebook Marketplace ad example.

I've estimated that our family may be saving a couple thousand dollars a year worth of time and not-lost sales by eliminating no-shows, so I don't mind listing the items for less than I typically would.  Now I can have a quicker turn-around and spend less time answering repetitive questions, checking in before meetings, etc.

Remember that most Facebook swap groups have rules about going in order of who contacted you first and allowing each person in line a certain amount of time to respond before moving on to the next one, so be sure to include something along the lines of:

"I will wait to receive an Agreement proposal from you for 1 hour after you've communicated interest, then the next interested party will have an opportunity to purchase the item."


Both buyers and sellers experience no-shows, but it's more common for sellers, so you'd be hard-pressed to find a seller who wouldn't like a guaranteed buyer.  Just be honest and let them know, you'd like to buy this item and are happy to meet you in your area, but "I will be [renting a truck and driving an hour] in order to be there, so I'd like to set up our meeting through Agreeable (  You won't have to pay anything as long as you're there at the time we agree on, AND you'll get a no-show fee if I don't make it."


Perhaps you are planning some other kind of meeting with potentially unreliable people.  More than one Agreeable fan wants to use it for Meetups.  There are a couple ways to go about this.  You could let your potential outing companions know that life happens and the honor system has let you down, but you've got a solution: you are going to increase courtesy to the restaurant, the other people attending, and perhaps your own wallet (if you are buying tickets for a group) by making reservations for anyone who RSVPs and accepts your Agreement proposal. 

The only ask of them?  Sign up (for Agreeable) and show up!

It will take a few extra minutes to send the Agreements, but you'll be so glad you did it when you're sitting at your dinner, surrounded by all the people you wanted to see.  :)


Another potential message to a new user might go like this:

"I'd like to meet this Saturday at 5pm. So we can both be confident that our time won't be wasted, let's make Agreeable plans: If either of us is stood up, they will receive $5 to make their effort worthwhile.  If this sounds great, download the Agreeable app, so we can get these plans rolling!"
How Does It Work?
1. Create an Agreeable account and agree together on the plans.
2. Go to the meeting on time and be sure to take your smart phone with location service capabilities with you.
3. If you are stood up, you automatically receive the no-show fee without having to push any buttons or file any reports.
Cost to you if you show up on time?  $0.




When you receive a proposal, you will receive a notification in your messaging thread similar to the picture to the right.

Clicking on it will allow you to review the details and then accept, counter, or reject the proposal.

You'll get an alert when your meeting is starting, and you can access a map of the meeting location via the dashboard.  The map/meeting screen will give you a countdown of how much time is remaining before no-show fees are assessed. 

If both parties are there on time, no one is charged anything, but if you are stood up, the app will notice.  When time runs out, the no-show fee will be withdrawn from the absentee party and deposited into your account.  Woot woot.