It's Money-Making May!

Reliable appointments AND money in your account?


What's the catch?

  1. Get paid for the Agreements you create.  Agreements must be accepted by the second party, and may not be canceled during the cancellation grace period.
  2. Get paid for one Agreement per meeting partner.  Translation: you and your significant other can set up meetings together all day long, but it only counts once.
  3. Get paid AFTER the meeting has been concluded.  Meetings must take place during May of 2017.
  4. Get paid for up to 15 meetings.

How much will I make?

Money-Making May

What kinds of meetings can I have?

We use Agreeable when we sell items on swap pages, and we outline what's been successful for us here.  You can certainly use it for other types of meetings. Have a blind date?  A flaky friend?  An important planning session?  Those are all just fine.

Get going!

Top performers may be invited to become on-going partners.


Money-Making May