Stroller Parts

Orbit wheels stroller flipping reselling

Stroller flipping is one of our specialties.  At any given time, I usually own at least five, ever on the quest for the perfect child transporter.  As a result, we've gained a lot of knowledge.  A recent foray into the repair of a Phil & Ted's stroller opened our eyes to the high cost of stroller parts ($40 for one tire was the best I could do after months of hunting), so when I spotted these beauties for just a buck, I snatched them up.  The couple hosting the garage sale showed me the stroller with which they had come (an Orbit!), and they were easy to identify online.  I didn't know if we'd be sitting on them a year later, but one sold within a few weeks.

Strollers are a great category in which to become proficient, as even older models can resell well, unlike car seats.  Some of the best brands are Bugaboo, Baby Jogger, UppaVista, and Orbit. These can easily cost $700-$1800 for one buggy, so you can understand why the parts are pricey!  Good luck in your stroller flipping endeavors!