Bugaboo Stroller Flip

Flipping Reselling Bugaboo Donkey Stroller Craigslist Facebook Marketplace #whatisyourflippingstory

This was a total win: bought on Craigslist, sold a year later on Facebook Marketplace for $200 profit (plus we kept the car seat that came with it)!

I took the time to take lots of staged photos and include details, and of course the personal touch of mentioning how people will react to it doesn't hurt at all!  We had multiple people contact us, and it sold quickly!

Here's the ad, as it appeared on Facebook.

This stroller eased the stress of having a second child. It’s amazing. I kid you not, when we bought it, I was using a Sit and Stand that was more difficult to push on a flat sidewalk using both arms than this Bugaboo was to push with one finger over grass and gravel. Literally, I have a picture of myself pushing it with one finger through a field. It’s that good.

It can be a single stroller with a bassinet or a regular seat (which can face backwards or forwards, sit up or lay back) or a car seat and a shopping cart on the side. It can be a double stroller with 2 “toddler” seats, one toddler and one bassinet, a bassinet and a car seat, a car seat and a toddler seat, etc.

Our collection of items retails for over $2000 and includes (hopefully I’m remembering it all!)
1 bassinet
2 toddler seats (only 2 bases, so if you have the bassinet assembled, you only have 1 toddler seat)
1 shopping bag
1 double car seat attachment (Maxi-Cosi)
1 single car seat attachment (Maxi-Cosi)
1 parasol/umbrella
1 bag to attach to handle
1 rain cover extra inner tubes
2 cup holders Leather upgraded handles Instruction manual

Damage: One snap in the shopping cart came detached (doesn’t really affect anything at all). Some scuffing on inside of handle. Leather handle covers are brand new.

If you set up our meeting through Agreeable (iOS app—AgreeableApp.com), I’m happy to knock $25 off, since I won’t have to worry about no-shows. I also don’t mind accepting FB payment so you don’t have to carry around a bunch of cash. I’ll wait 30 minutes after you express interest for you to send private message with meeting plans before moving on to next interested party. Happy to meet at...>