Question 1:

What is Agreeable?

Agreeable is a mobile app to bring common courtesy back into vogue by kicking no-shows in the butt. While it could be used for many types of in-person meetings, we were inspired by our experiences buying and selling items via Craigslist, Facebook swap pages, and other similar platforms.

Question 2:

So, are you owned by Craigslist? / Are you competing with Facebook swap groups?

No and no.

Agreeable is a complimentary product, working alongside your favorite local online classifieds forum.  Whether you prefer Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Craigslist, LetGo, VarageSale, or even the good ol’ newspaper, you can use Agreeable once you’ve identified a meeting you’d like to schedule.

Posting an ad?  Mention your Agreeable username instead of listing your e-mail or phone number, so that buyers can contact you easily without having your private information.

Question 3:

How much does it cost?

It's free!  (No-show fees still apply if you are late or absent to your meeting.)  You may receive a notification that says you're getting a free trial, but this is just a remnant of our old pricing model, which will be updated shortly.

If you are late or absent, you will be billed the no-show fee you selected in your Agreement, plus $1 to offset our transaction fees.

Question 4:

How do I get paid if I am stood up?

When you are ready to enter into an Agreement, you will register your payment information.  (It will not be visible to other users.)  If Agreeable detects that you’ve encountered a no-show, the agreed-upon amount will automatically be withdrawn from the other person’s account and deposited into yours.  You don’t need to file any reports.


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