Agreeable is available!  But we're just getting started.

Read below to find known issues, see what we're working on, and in the future you may be able to vote on upcoming features.

Meeting Doesn't End

You're both there when the meeting starts, but you wait and wait for it to notice the fact.

The temporary workaround:

This is only a notification issue.  If you back out to your dashboard and check, you'll probably find that the Agreement has already been marked as kept.


Selecting Public Locations

When you search for a public location, you'll find it's nearly impossible.  ANNOYING!

The temporary workaround:

Google the location and put the address in, rather than using the Public Location selection for now.


Show Location and I'm Here

These buttons don't work.  Well, maybe sometimes.  Maybe if you're driving over a bridge or holding your breath...then they work.

The temporary workaround:

Just be patient with us--it'll be good when it's done!

Today We're Tackling

This will resolve the Meeting Doesn't End issue, and make sure that chatting is more "real time" in appearance, so you don't have to back out to see notifications.

If you encounter a troublesome user, you can easily report them to us.

Soon you'll be able to use your PayPal account instead of inputting card information.



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